Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The unforgiving minute

(Speaking of apologies . . . ) Five years ago this month in p3:

Senator Gordon Smith (then Oregon's one remaining statewide-elected Republican, and now head of the National Association of Broadcasters, the folks who want to bring you the end of Net Neutrality, among other good things), just couldn't quite decide how he felt about saying that it was wrong for the Senate to have sat on its hands for generations rather than putting a stop to the practice of racial lynchings.

(Smith eventually signed on near the end of the month, by which point only such enlightened souls as Trent Lott, John Cornyn, Jon Kyl, and Richard Shelby were still holding out.)

Here's how morally vacuous Smith's performance was: Orrin Hatch came around on the subject of lynchings before Gordo did.

Minute's up.

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