Friday, May 21, 2010

You can't buy this kind of bad publicity

(Updated below.)

There's really not much else on the left side of the internet dial today but Rand Paul. It's amazing. (This is technically my second post on him today, and I really don't even take the guy that seriously.)

Long-time p3 correspondent Doctor Beyond wondered in an email this morning how long it would be until the traditional news media (Huffington amusingly calls them the "legacy media") start doing their own investigative pieces on Rand (he's hardly a villager, after all, so he's fair game even though he's a conservative), rather than continuing to let oppo researchers, cable news, and the blogosphere do the heavy lifting.

That time may be coming:

Could be that Paul has begun to smell blood and realizes it's his own. (Not that Gregory is much of a threat; as wounds go, he's a hangnail.)

Or it could simply be that he's taking to heart an observation by Steve at No More Mr. Nice Blog:

Where is this heading? I think it's heading toward a new political world in which, once a candidate (or at least a right-wing candidate) gets a certain amount of traction, he/she won't even bother talking to reporters who aren't sympathizers. In other words, the Sarah Palin approach. Given the Internet, as well as the massive infrastructure of the right-wing print and broadcast media, why should any wingnut candidate with a sufficient following ever again give an interview to a journalist who's not a fan? Just spread your word exclusively through media your side controls -- that's how Palin does it (Berlusconi, too). The haters will come to you -- your Facebook posts, your tweets, your appearances on Hannity.

In the future, we may conclude that Sarah Palin was as much a Net-era campaign visionary as Barack Obama. Eventually, every politician, left, right, and center, may operate this way.

(Update: It almost goes without saying that the news of his MTP bailout has stirred up the blogosphere and twitterverse even more. @randpaul tweets are scrolling off the page like stock quotes.)

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