Friday, May 21, 2010

The RNC on Obama's "'rock star' aura"

From an RNC fundraising email currently making the rounds:
Like an annoying tune you can't get out of your head, Barack Obama keeps using his ''rock star'' aura to campaign for Democrat candidates...and they keep on losing. So much for star power and presidential ''coat tails.''

First in Virginia and New Jersey, then Massachusetts and now Pennsylvania just this week, Barack Obama's endorsement has led to election flop after flop.

Okay, I know it's just a Republican "ask," so it probably was never designed to survive close scrutiny on the merits. But two things:

First, Obama's "rock star" aura -- and the rest of him -- were nowhere to be seen in the run-up to Specter's loss in Pennsylvania this week. He and Biden dodged Specter like they owed him money. The presidential endorsement that killed Specter wasn't Obama's; it was Bush's.

Second, is the RNC counting on low-information donors to miss the fact that, although Obama's candidate in Pennsylvania lost, it didn't mean a Republican won -- since it was a Democratic primary? (Probably. In fact, Sestak has a better chance of defeating Toomey than Specter did -- which is why the Democrats were stuck with him in the first place.)

There. Just had to get that out of my system.

(H/t to Doctor Beyond)

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