Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Drinking Liberally end-of-campaign party tonight at Ringo's in Beaverton

While you're making your election-night rounds tonight, don't forget to stop in at the election night party co-sponsored by the westside Drinking Liberally and Hutzler for Auditor, at Ringo's, 12300 SW Broadway (across from the Beaverton Bakery) in Beaverton.

We'll be following local returns via cable TV and the Internet, with nosh and lively discussion -- "even," says DL chapter host and Hutzler campaign manager Jason Hitzert, "a surprise or two." (And even I'm not sure what that means yet.)

Things will start up around 7pm, but you're welcome whenever you can drop by.

(And remember: Drinking Liberally encourages everyone to drink, vote -- and drive -- responsibly.)

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