Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday tunes: I heard somebody singing sweet and soulful

Listening to any Warren Zevon tune is an experience tinged with one part regret, one part useless irritation. He was a musician's musician. Don't just judge him by how much you liked his stuff--at least the stuff you knew--look at how many greats liked his stuff, even covering his stuff so that you maybe never realized it was his.

After he skipped going to a doctor for twenty years, it was his dentist who finally had to make him get his rough-breathing carcass to someone who could tell him he was staring down the barrel of congestive heart failure arising from undiagnosed (and spreading in the time it would have taken to write this) lung cancer.

And after 30 years of great music, he had to frickin' die to get a Grammy for The Wind.

Really. Don't it make you wanna rock and roll?

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