Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The unforgiving minute

Regarding the Republican penchant for whining about perceived slights and grievances, Steve at No More Mister Nice Blog may have a point:

I'm not sure what Republicans' motivation is -- personally, I think they really are whining crybabies who can't endure not getting their way even once in a while (they were like this even when they held power, weren't they?). But I think the real reason they keep doing it is that it works politically.

It works because it solves a problem in modern politics, one that affects both parties: what do you do to sustain the loyalty of a large number of ordinary American voters when you either can't improve their lives (because your fat-cat donors won't let you) or won't improve their lives (because you actually agree with the notion that helping fat cats is the proper way to govern)?

Well, if you're not going to make voters happy by doing anything for them, you can at least show them you feel their pain.

Minute's up.

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