Thursday, February 11, 2010

This is going to make the Spring Faculty/Student mixer a little awkward

Looks like the Dean of the Washington Press Corps has developed a little May-December crush on the coach of the women's basketball team.

Broder was clearly worth every penny of his buy-out a couple of years ago.


Chuck Butcher said...

But isn't mocking Broder a lot like shooting fish in a barrel? It is odd how respectable senility has become...

Nothstine said...

>It is odd how respectable senility has become...

Chuck, that's my ace in the hole.

True story, though--here is the original text for this post:

>David Broder's love letter to Sarah
>Palin this morning is so ridiculous
>I'm not even going to mention it.
>. . . D'oh!

For some reason the Dean/basketball coach thing won out.


Chuck Butcher said...

Since I'm sure I stole the semility tag from somebody, I'd say you're free to take it from me. Really, it is a bit of a creepy piece, wonder if he drooled on the typewriter.

I think I like the "love letter" idea better.

Chuck Butcher said...

Which of our pictures looks more relaxed? :-)