Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Elite journalism

I approximately recall a scene from "The Big Chill" in which a friend suggests to Michael, a writer for People magazine who finds himself somewhat at loose ends, that he could return to work on his novel.

Aah, that was a piece of crap, shrugs Michael; I'm starting a new novel.

What's it about? asks the friend.

This weekend, says Michael.

What was the other novel about?

Last weekend.

For some reason, that scene came to mind as I read this:

Dana Milbank recently wrote how a Fox News star has really “captured the moment," before posing the question: “Is Glenn Beck America?”

Milbank, who only had about 750 words to tackle that question in his Washington Post column, is now writing a book on the conservative radio and television host: "Tears of a Clown." And he’s already started researching.

“I’ve signed up for the elite membership on GlennBeck.com,” Milbank told POLITICO.

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