Thursday, December 17, 2009

The unforgiving minute

This just in: Researchers establish that the ill-fated 1910 Scott Antarctic expedition was composed entirely of unmarried men:

Two blocks of butter have been found intact after nearly a century in an Antarctic hut used by British explorer Robert Falcon Scott on his doomed 1910-12 expedition, a report said.

Television New Zealand reported that conservators found the two blocks of New Zealand butter in bags in stables attached to the expedition Hut at Cape Evans in Antarctica.

Many experts point to the century-old butter as conclusive evidence that all members of the Scott expedition were single guys, while others insist that the definitive proof is the nearby presence of over 70 half-finished jars and bottles of condiments, including 22 bottles of ketchup, 17 jars of mustard (6 yellow, 9 spicy, 2 unidentifiable), 5 bottles of Tabasco sauce, and 11 varieties of barbecue sauce.

Minute's up.

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