Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ten years ago: Keeping the unresolved unresolved

In the episode of the "The X-Files" set on New Year's Eve 1999, Scully and Mulder briefly kiss while watching ball drop on Times Square on the TV in the visitor's room of a psych ward, proof positive that unresolved sexual tension is immeasurably more fun for viewers than the alternative. (Hard to believe it was that long ago.)

Best line of episode: "The world didn't end." Mulder's post-kiss double entendre meant that the arrival of the millennium wasn't going to trigger the apocalypse, and that one chaste-if-lingering kiss wasn't going to resolve the unresolved sexual tension the series had carefully built up over five seasons. In the scene, Scully smiles enigmatically and replies, "No, it didn't."

Second best line, Mulder to Scully, when she points out that the millennium doesn't end until 12/31/2000: "Nobody likes a math nerd, Scully."

Clear-eyed X-philes admit that this was the last good season of the series, in part because in the remaining two seasons series creator Chris Carter threw out the window the three-part prime directive: Scully wasn't going to have an affair with Mulder; Scully wasn't going to have an affair with Skinner; Mulder wasn't going to have an affair with Skinner.

(H/t to Doctor TV for the date correction.)

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