Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In case you were wondering about whether "the news" has anything to do with the news anymore

Short answer: No.

Somewhat longer answer (from this morning's Media Bistro news feed):

ABC's World News With Diane Sawyer Debuts (TVNewser) Diane Sawyer made her debut as the anchor of ABC's World News yesterday evening. Sawyer has filled-in on the newscast in the past, but this was her first night with her name in the program's title. The program had a new appearance -- with its first new graphics look in five years -- and a new announcer. AP: ABC plans to make use of Sawyer's conversational style, which was on display during on-air Q-and-A's with Jonathan Karl and George Stephanopoulos on health care reform. NYT: There were no high-tech frills or showy experiments in Diane Sawyer's brisk first night as anchor. Instead the network draped its star in utter seriousness, writes Alessandra Stanley. WaPo: Opening-night jitters and the obsession with keeping Sawyer front, center and everywhere else tended to hobble and mute the first edition, writes Tom Shales. Daily Beast: Rebecca Dana on how Diane Sawyer's lunar cool plays against Katie Couric's sunny warmth.

So let's review the important issues: the program's title, new graphics, a new announcer, Sawyer's conversational style, the presence or absence of high-tech frills and showy experiments, Sawyer's briskness and utter seriousness, and her lunar cool.

(Also, apparently there was some discussion of health care reform with the new host of a morning talk show.)

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