Monday, November 2, 2009

The LO/KPOJ "Lost Limerick Challenge"

We have a double challenge today, but that has to wait for some important business:

First of all, we're proud to induct Congressman Earl Blumenauer into the Hall of Mighty Oregon Political Poets. Congratulations and welcome, Congressman--coffee and sandwiches on the side table.

This morning's Oregon news limericks, as written by me, read by quizmaster TJ of Loaded Orygun, and answered (usually) by Carl, Christine,and Paul on the KPOJ 620AM Morning Show, are posted at LO.

This morning, talk about the World Series ran long, so they used fewer limericks on the air--feels like high school all over again, doesn't it, with sports sucking the resources away from the arts? Well, less for them, more for us. Fill in the blank with the word or phrase from this week's Oregon news:

Bar owners are nobody's fools.
"Not a chance!" they averred, "Rules are rules!"
"That's our cut of the lottery--
Not for band class, or pottery."
So it's tough luck for Oregon ___________ .

His techniques are hardly endearing,
Which is why his opponents are cheering.
The initiative czar
Has been hauled to the bar--
The charge? Once again, ______________ .

(The answer can be found in the Comments below, or in this week's Spanning the State at Loaded Orygun.)

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Nothstine said...

Answer #1: schools

The story: Bar owners get 24 cents of every dollar you lose on video lottery. Cash-strapped Oregon schools wanted the owners to take a little less. This week the State Lottery Commission turned the schools down.

The reason: If the owners don't make enough off the machines, they won't participate, and then the schools will get even less. Got that?

Answer #2: racketeering

The story: Bill Sizemore's lawyers will never go hungry. The OEA and the AFT claim he set up fake non-profits to hide money used to promote his 4 ballot measures this year. They're suing Sizemore--plus his financier Loren Parks--for $18 million--that's 3 times what it cost them to defeat his initiatives this year.