Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The unforgiving minute

Today's topic: Units of measurement:

Liebersecond (secL): 1.0 Liebersecond is defined as the interval of time separating the announcement of a possible legislative victory for Congressional Democrats and the moment when Sen. Joe Lieberman steps in front of the cameras to simultaneously sell out the caucus and grab for publicity by threatening to derail it.

The Dems were smart to let him keep his rank and committee gavel, since he only disagrees with them about the war.

Minute's up.


fbear said...

He's taken lieb of his senses.

Chuck Butcher said...

Do you suppose the (D)s could promise him loss of Chair, seniority, all earmarks, anything he tries for? Would that bother him? Earmarks might.

Joe might actually understand the concept of total warfare with the Democrats.