Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday tunes: Vangelis, "Mythodea"

Written in 1993, this choral symphony by Vangelis was performed live at the Temple of Zeus in Athens in 2001, celebrating the NASA Mars Odyssey project (the Odyssey spacecraft entered Mars orbit 8 years ago yesterday).

From Wikipedia:

The spectacle involved 224 musicians on stage, the same involved in the recording: Vangelis, two harpists, the 75-person London Metropolitan Orchestra, the 120-person chorus of the Greek National Opera, plus newcomers Greek percussion ensembles Seistron and Typana, that provided 24 timpani. In the back, a projection screen measuring 180 m in length and 24 m in height showed images of Mars supplied by NASA, combined with elements of ancient Greek mythology.

This performance features Vangelis, seated inside the circular console of keyboards and synthesizers, and sopranos Kathleen Battle and Jessye Norman. "Mythodea" has an introduction plus 10 movements; this is "Movement 9:"

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