Monday, October 5, 2009

Sandra Day O'Connor is "a little bit disappointed" today

How sad for her.

From USA Today:

O'Connor, appointed by Ronald Reagan in 1981, was a moderate conservative who often brokered compromises among justices and across ideological lines.

Since she retired in 2006, the court has become more conservative and retreated from some rulings in which she crafted consensus, including on abortion rights, campaign finance and government race-based policies.

The truly heart-wrenching part:

Asked how she felt about the fact that the current court had undone some of her rulings, the nation's first woman justice responded, "What would you feel? I'd be a little bit disappointed. If you think you've been helpful, and then it's dismantled, you think, 'Oh, dear.' But life goes on.

Yes, life does go on for brave little Sandra. And the important thing here is that she got her wish: She got to retire during a Republican presidential administration.

In fact, she made certain of it.

Odd that she doesn't mention her swing vote on Bush v Gore as one of her moments of helpfulness.

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