Monday, August 17, 2009

The unforgiving minute

What Digby said.

Minute's up.


Anonymous said...

Didn't we on the left decry the fact that Republicans were all in lock step and refused to vote against GW Bush during their period in power? Now we think that all Democrats should line up in unity like the Republicans we previously blasted and disdained. This party fealty in part has led the Republicans to be a primarily one region party. I would like the Democratic party to be a party of only single minded representatives who agreed with me but that way leads to what the Republicans are now.

Nothstine said...

I get your point, but I feel fairly comfortable that even if the Blue Dogs were out on their ears [be still my heart] and they were replaced with the most rabid party-liners that the Democratic machine could come up with [or the most ardent liberals, or the most visionary progressives, or whatever], they'd still be a long way from the kind of lock step voting that the Republicans displayed [not only during Bush's years, but so far with Obama].

They're Democrats. They don't "do" lockstep. The best you could ever hope for is to recruit Democrats who will only torpedo other Democrats occasionally, instead of regularly.