Monday, August 24, 2009

The symptom, not the disease

It's amusing, and somewhat gratifying to watch advertisers jump ship on the Glenn Beck show. Props to for getting 33 Fox advertisers to cut their ties to the weeping madman, including WalMart, Clorox, CVS Caremark, and Sprint.

But it's only somewhat gratifying, since many of the advertisers, like CVS Caremark, haven't stopped advertising on Fox, just on Beck. That means the boycotters are only dealing with the symptom. A particularly ugly and malignant symptom, but a symptom nonetheless.

And a symptom who will probably be reaching for the mantle of martyrdom as he returns to his show today after an ill-explained week hiatus.

Meanwhile, the disease continues to rake in advertiser dollars.

If Glenn Beck did not exist, it would be necessary for Rupert Murdoch to invent him.

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Nothstine said...

Answer: state park fees

The story: Oregon parks are paid for by RV registration fees, the state Lottery, and park fees. No one's registering RVs these days, and the Lottery projections aren't promising right now.

(People who want to gamble with their money are buying private health insurance, presumably.)

So that leaves the fees. Oregon Parks and Rec Department is considering raising 11 fees starting in January, including tent camps (from $16/night to $20/night) and day use (from $3/carload to $5/carload).