Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday tunes: "Sorry we 'urt your field, Mister."

Filmed on April 23, 1964 at Thornbury Playing Fields, Isleworth, Middlesex, the Lads have a moment of freedom:

From Wikipedia:

The "Can't Buy Me Love" segment borrowed stylistically from Richard Lester's earlier The Running Jumping & Standing Still Film and it is this segment, in particular using the innovative technique of cutting the images to the beat of the music, which has been cited as a precursor of modern music videos. Roger Ebert goes even further, crediting Lester for a more pervasive influence, even constructing "a new grammar": "he influenced many other films. Today when we watch TV and see quick cutting, hand-held cameras, interviews conducted on the run with moving targets, quickly intercut snatches of dialogue, music under documentary action and all the other trademarks of the modern style, we are looking at the children of A Hard Day's Night".

Oh yeah--and I'm told the music's pretty good, too.

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