Saturday, August 22, 2009

Reading: "Why wouldn't they try to do the same to President Obama?"

Jamison Foser at Media Matters for America points out a very sad truth about both our deeply unserious political media and the erstwhile Party of Lincoln:

President Clinton's opponents accomplished three things with their nasty and false claims that he was a drug-running murderer: They angered and energized millions of Americans who didn't like Clinton, created doubt and confusion among millions more, and hijacked control of the national dialogue (due in large part to the media's inability to resist shiny objects and their weakness at making clear what is true and what is false.) Why wouldn't they try to do the same to President Obama?

And the barrage of health care lies, and accompanying mass confusion about the most basic facts? MSNBC has spent much of the past week, if not longer, expressing shock at the lies and their effectiveness.

Actual, responsible reporting on serious attempts to use government to solve our nations problems is just too much work all around. Better to treat governing as Thunderdome and cover it as such.

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