Friday, July 10, 2009

The unforgiving minute

Paraphrasing a classic one-liner about former Senator Al D'Amato and ethics, being called flagrant hypocrite by Arlen Specter is like being called ugly by a frog.

Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter called his fellow Democrat, Rep. Joe Sestak, a "flagrant hypocrite" and accused his rival of registering as a Democrat "just in time to run for Congress."

Sestak has said that he will challenge Specter, who has the backing of President Obama and party leaders, for the Democratic Senate nomination next year. Specter, a longtime Republican, switched his party registration to Democrat this year.

Minute's up.

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fbear said...

As a person who thinks that frogs are rather cute, I would characterize Sen. Specter's comments as like being called an adulterer by Sen. John Ensign, Newt Gingrich, or Gov. Mark Sanford.

Or maybe it's like being called a rude and sleazy ignoramous by Lars Larson, U
Rush Limbaugh, or Bill O'Reilly.