Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday tunes: "Tell me now, and I won't ask again"

A friend of mine is producing/hosting a radio show this summer called "Strictly the Sixties" (schedule and streaming link here). On Thursday he kicked off a weekly feature paying tribute to the songwriters (and performers) who worked in the legendary Brill Building in Manhattan.

As a tribute to his tribute, here's the most beautiful piece of music ever to come out of the Brill Building, and that's saying something.

Among the items on my List of As-Yet Unachieved Lifetime Musical Accomplishments: Play bass/sing harmony on "Pretty Woman" with Roy Orbison; play piano on "Desperado" with Linda Ronstadt; play piano on "Thunder Road" with Bruce Springsteen; and sing harmony with Carole King in "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?".

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