Monday, July 27, 2009

Lost (and found) limericks

As you may (or may not) have noticed, there was no "Spanning the State" on KPOJ today, but nature abhors a limerick vacuum. So, as a special treat, longtime p3 friend and aesthetics beat contributor Barbara--Deadline Poet, Princess of Puns, Ninja of Nonsense Verse, and Queen of Anapestic Meter--has generously contributed these gems, drawn from the week's news, to plug the p3 poesy gap this week:

Public option or status quo plan?
Let’s debase the debate, to a man,
So the voters won’t notice
We’re hedging, and vote us
Out on our proverbial can.

We trusted the late Walter Cronkite,
Because he made sure he got news right.
Seeking truth, not his glory,
He just told us the story--
Unlike some whom we now hear each weeknight.

To the moon? Well, we’ve already been there.
To go back? Some incline; some say, “Elsewhere!”
So--go back, or try Mars?
(Just think: Pubs called “Mars Bars.”)
Either’s easier than fixing our healthcare.

And wherever she is tonight, I know that Barbara is especially proud of "Mars Bars."

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