Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Another Drinking Liberally two-fer this week (plus a special guest)

The Portland and Portland Metro/West DL chapters both meet this week, featuring socializing and discussion with the Finest Minds of Our Generation[TM].

Both chapters are meeting at a new location:

Portland Drinking Liberally meets at the Lucky Lab Brew Hall at 19th and NW Quimby (map), Thursday night at 7pm. (DL-PDX meets the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of every month.)
Portland Metro-West Drinking Liberally meets at Ringo's, 12300 SW Broadway St, (just east of Hall Blvd). map), Thursday night at 7pm. (DL-PDX M-W meets the 2nd Tuesday every month.)

Mark your calendars! Next Monday, July 13th, special guest Justin Krebs is coming to Portland. Justin is co-founder and Executive Director of Living Liberally, DL's umbrella organization (and one of the mad geniuses behind the political parody site haarm.org--Healthy Americans Against Reforming Medicine).

Justin will be passing through town on his way back to NYC, so we're going to treat him with a special Drinking Liberally get-together that evening at 7.00pm at the Lucky Lab Beer Hall at the Lucky Lab Beer Hall at 19th and Quimby in NW Portland.

And I know that's a bit of a drive on a weeknight for DL'ers in Vancouver, Salem, and St. Helen, but Justin's a great guy--and he has stories to tell. Don't pass up your chance to meet him!

And if you appreciate Living Liberally promoting progressive action through social interaction--including keeping the whole Drinking Liberally network up and running--consider sending them a little love via Tipping Liberally.

Join the Drinking Liberally gang this week (and Monday the 13th) for drinks and political conversation.

And remember: DL encourages everyone to drink, and vote, responsibly.

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