Thursday, June 25, 2009

Somerby's right

You know, I really don't want to hear what's in those emails between Gov. (for the time being) Sanford and his mistress in Argentina. Apart from the fact that it red-lines my personal yuck-meter, it's just cheap, smirky Starr Report-style voyeurism.

Okay, we get it--Sanford the Promise-Keeper had an affair and wasn't very smart to think he could keep it quiet for very long. But the emails' content adds nothing substantive to the real story, which is aberrant behavior by the state's chief executive (to say nothing of the question of dereliction of duty and possible misuse of public resources, which aren't proved yet). You want to see Sanford brought to heel, those are pretty good grounds right there. The rest--and Keith and Rachel, I'm looking at you--is just sheet-sniffing.

I'll also be interested to hear how the Charlotte Columbia SC paper that broke this story got their hands on the email, and more importantly why they decided to sit on them for six months.

But the content of those emails--now made slightly pathetic by events--will have plenty of opportunity to see the light of day in the probably forthcoming Sanford v. Sanford. For now, let it drop. "Sauce for the goose" is no excuse for sinking to the murky moral depths of Kenneth Starr (or then-Congressman Sanford, who argued that Clinton should resign over Monicagate on the grounds that the cover-up was as bad as the infidelity, if not worse).

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