Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Merkley calls out Frank "Say Anything" Luntz on Senate floor

More of this, please:

It's a little unusual to go after a political strategist by name in a Senate speech. But not only does Sen. Merkley nail Luntz for manufacturing talking points that can't even be dignified as an ideological opposition to health-care reform (since the points were created, focus-grouped, and disseminated two months ago, before the specifics of any plan were made public). Merkley also puts Luntz's words, point by point, again and again, in the mouth of Senate Minority Leader McConnell.

So recognize that that is a point that's coming from a document about how to kill health care, not a responsible debate about the plan we have in front of us.

Republicans are horrified at the prospect of large government programs that are popular and efficient. They'd rather see your health continue to be traded on Wall Street.

Good for Senator Merkley.

(H/t to Sam Stein.)

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