Thursday, June 18, 2009


For the last 24 hours or so, rumors were ricocheting all around the Twin Cities--and beyond--that the Minnesota Supreme Court, which usually releases its decisions at 10am local time on Thursdays, would deliver its ruling on the Franken-Coleman case today.

Now it's mid-afternoon in Minnesota and the rumors seem to be dying down. (When the ruling finally does come, here's a fairly good gaming out of the scenarios that could follow.)

Back in December, when the vote count was still going on (that would be the one that Franken eventually was shown to have one by a slim but clear margin), we here at p3 passed the time by recounting some of our favorite behind-the-scenes stories of Franken from his SNL days.

The best of those stories are pretty much used up by now, I’m afraid, so here's a good interview from several weeks ago with Franken at a breakfast diner (called The Egg & I) back in his home state:

I have to say, in a political culture where congressional Republicans have vaingloriously compared their suffering and frustration as a minority party with the violence and harassment directed toward election protesters in Tehran this week, it's sort of refreshing to hear someone who's had his rightful electoral victory withheld from him for over six months by partisan maneuvering describe his mood as "grumpy" and let it go at that.

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