Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"Cry-Wolf" fundraising

From the latest DSCC fundraising email (courtesy of Doctor Beyond):

Don't believe what you've heard about a GOP in disarray. They're mad, they're organized, and they're determined to return to what they see as their rightful place: ruling the halls of Congress.

How do I know? $14.4 million.

That's how much Newt Gingrich raised during a fundraising dinner last week for Republican House and Senate committees. One speech. $14.4 million.

They not only have cash, but also history on their side. There are only a handful of times in our nation's past when the party that won the White House hasn't lost big the following midterm election. That would spell disaster for President Obama's agenda.

Doctor B forwarded the ask letter with this comment: "I really dislike these types of appeals. They are just lazy. I wonder how many people who contribute would be so out of touch to actually buy the argument that the Republicans are organized."

Indeed. And it does look like more people are catching on to this dishonest ploy, not only on the left, but perhaps also on the right, where the cash-strapped GOP is cynically using the Sotomayor confirmation process to stampede donors--even though their money, which the GOP will happily pocket, is unlikely to make any difference in the outcome:

After sending out a bazillion lizard-brained fearmongering direct mail flyers and raising heaps of cash, NARAL proceeded to sit on their hands for the Alito fight. After the Gang of 14 cleared the way for his confirmation, they announced that they didn't consider cloture votes "significant," and had their members thank Lieberman and Chafee for their subsequent "no" votes on the floor.

Many liberals at the time refused to act like suckers and called them out for manipulating people and using them like ATMs. I wonder if anyone on the right will have that kind of clarity this time around.

Not that it's a bad thing to donate money to the DSCC, but surely they can offer better reasons than the cynically counterfactual "OMG the Republicans are out-organizing us!" ploy.

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