Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday morning toons: Special "Evil One Whose Name We Do Not Speak" Edition

Daryl Cagle's round-up features pomp and circumstance, the return of Kirk and Spock, several artists who get the story exactly 50% right--plus, the return of the evil one whose name we do not speak.

p3 Picks of the Week: Mike Luckovich, , Mike Keefe, Eric Allie, Steve Sack, and John Cole.

A p3 Thanks for An Image We'll Never, Ever Be Able to Forget goes to David Horsey. Seriously, dude--thanks so much for this one.

The p3 Award for Best Adaptation from Another Medium goes to R. J. Matson and Pat Bagley.

I saw the trailer for "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" yesterday. I enjoyed it; my friend was beside herself with anticipation. While America's children wait for the possible return of Him Whose Name We Do Not Speak, the aptly-named John Darkow provides us with another story of children and things that go bump in the night.

Mike Lane, Joe Heller, and Nate Beeler receive the dreaded p3 Headshake of Disappointment for getting the story half-right and half-wrong. One more time, guys: As long as we don't embark on a goofy "privitization" scheme, and even if we drag our feet for a few more years, Social Security is going to be fine for another generation. It's Medicare that's in danger of crashing soon, and that's because medical costs are going up about 10-15% per year. Larry Wright has it right--unfortunately.

p3 Notice of Harmonic Toon Convergence has been certified and filed with the proper authorities for Jeff Parker, David Fitzsimmons,

And the extremely rare p3 Special Award for Double Harmonic Toon Convergence goes to Jimmy Margulies for this three-rail bank shot.

p3 World Toon Review: Patrick Chapatte (Switzerland), Cam Cardow (Canada), Stephane Peray (Thailand), and Peter Bromhead (New Zealand).

Cover your faces! Ann Telnaes has seen the return of the dark one! Is this how Harry Potter got his trademark scar?

p3 Guest Toon: Reuben Bollings shares "Torture Tomfoolery" (previously known as "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques Chuckles").

Portland homeboy Jack Ohman welcomes our newest Democratic Senator.

"'One custard pie'? Lemme have it!" When it came to inventive wit in matching music to action, or in stealing musical puns, Scott Bradley, musical director of MGM cartoons during their golden age, never quite matched Warner Bros.' Carl Stalling, but this is one of his better efforts. You'll enjoy the musical imitation of the various bits of toony violence, and the three-note theme from the opening titles that returns through the early part of the cartoon--"dah DAH dum," mimicking the title, "Quiet, Please!" From 1945. here's the third of seven Tom & Jerry cartoons to win an Academy Award (matching Disney's record):

p3 Bonus Toon: Short on details, long on promises that taxes can be cut without cutting services--sound familiar? Jesse Springer thinks so.

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