Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday tunes: "You're sittin' down and wonderin' what it's all about."

We're starting Toon Sunday a little early this week.

Everyone who's seen the toon noir "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" has their own list of favorites from its endless supply of memorable bits. (One of mine: "You mean you could've taken your hand out of that cuff at any time??" "No, not at any time--only when it was funny.")

But for a lot of people, the unforgettable moment was when P.I. Eddie Valiant meets Roger's wife, femme fatale Jessica Rabbit. Expecting her to be as goofy and--well, cartoonish--as her husband, Eddie isn't prepared for Jessica, the chanteuse at the Pen and Ink Club (a speakeasy where humans and toons can mix socially) as she performs the steamy Peggy Lee standard "Why Don't You Do Right?".

For dialogue, Jessica was voiced by the ultra-sultry Kathleen Turner, although the vocals on this song were recorded by Amy Irving, then-wife of executive producer Steven Speilberg.

Verb watch: The film was adapted from the novel "Who Censored Roger Rabbit?" And the Italian release of the film was titled, more menacingly, "Chi ha Incastrato Roger Rabbit?" Yipe.

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