Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday morning toons: Special "Gweat Sportsman" Edition

(Update: Telnaes link fixed.)

It was . . . an odd week. That's about the best you can say for a week when the G-20 met and realized they had nothing, the President demanded--and got--the resignation of the head of GM, and the First Lady fist-bumped the queen regnant of the United Kingdom of England and Northern Ireland.

Okay, the third one didn't technically happen, but still: Just odd. Let's head straight for Daryl Cagle's round-up and see if things makes any more sense there.

p3 Picks of the Week: Pat Bagley, Mike Lane, Mike Keefe, Jeff Parker, Monte Wolverton, Mike Luckovich, Jerry Holbert, Nate Beeler, and Gary McCoy.

p3 World Toon Review: Cameron Cardow (Canada), Stephane Peray (Thailand), Arcadio Esquivel (Costa Rica), and Michael Kountouris (Greece).

Since the Obamas are giving gifts to foreign leaders, Ann Telnaes figures, you know, what the heck,

Guest toon: Is it just me, or does this week's Tom the Dancing Bug feel like the final episode of "St. Elsewhere?"

Portland homeboy Jack Ohman gets an estimate.

Sowwy I had to pwug you, Mister Duck, but I'm a gweat sportsman. Several different animators got to work on Daffy Duck over the years, starting with his creator Tex Avery, who made him the bane of Elmer Fudd's hunting trips. Most of the best known Daffy stories--especially the legendary "hunting trilogy"--were the work of Chuck Jones. By the early 1950s, Jones made Daffy taller and scrawnier, and usually pitted him against Bugs Bunny. But the earlier Jones stories--including this one, "To Duck or Not To Duck" (1943)--kept Daffy the way they found him: a rascally screwball duck getting the best of hunter Elmer.

Two notes: First, Mel Blanc had to record Daffy's voice separately, because it was played back at a higher speed for the soundtrack. (The normal-speed version of the same voice was used for Sylvester the cat.) Second, "Laramore" is a truly great name for a dog.

p3 Bonus Toon: Jesse Springer celebrates the rare moment when Big Tobacco got its butt crushed,

And don't forget to browse Dan Froomkin's weekday political toon review.

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