Friday, April 3, 2009

Let the countdown begin!

(Updates below.)

Congratulations to the state of Iowa, which managed to fill its long news drought until the 2012 caucus season with this:

The Iowa Supreme Court this morning upheld a Polk County judge’s 2007 ruling that marriage should not be limited to one man and one woman.

The ruling, viewed nationally and at home as a victory for the gay rights movement and a setback for social conservatives, means gay couples can legally marry in Iowa beginning April 24.

Now, of course, it's only a matter of time--hours? minutes? has it happened already?-- until some horrified conservative leader utters the phrase "legally marrying animals."

There's no question it will happen; the only question is who will get there first: A talk radio blowhard? A Christian-right organization leader? Or a 2012 presidential wannabe?

It's genuinely creepy that this is the first place they go. It reeks of an unclean mind.

(Update 1: Unfortunately, pseudonymous blog commenters don't count. The winning entry has to be a well-known figure on the right. But thanks for playing.)

(Update 2: I'm afraid hand-lettered signs saying "Same Sex Animals Don't Mate" don't qualify either. But we do have a copy of the home edition of the game for you.)

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