Thursday, April 16, 2009

For immediate release: p3 international headquarters makes bold infrastructure leap into early 2003

At Comcast's humorless insistence, my place is now wired for digital TV.

This change has been received around here as a mixed blessing. The worst part is that my beautiful new TV remote, not even 10 weeks old, now joins all my other remotes in the limbo of the cigar box on my coffee table, usurped by the new remote for the digital converter box.

The good news is that I have MSNBC back after Comcast moved it to digital last winter (along with Hallmark and Lifetime--aka The "Little House on the Prairie" Channel and The "He Had It Coming" Channel, respectively), so I'm no longer forced to get my shot of Olbermann online the following morning. (Hey, did anyone else know that Rachel Maddow has a show now? The things you can miss, wandering fog-shrouded streets in the Gaslight Age of analog.)

The cruelest irony: Comcast On Demand features 70 or 80 free movies each month, including only a handful that actually look interesting to me. (Roughly the same signal-to-noise ratio that the programming on the cable channels offers, I might add.) Springsteen had it right:

Except that now I'm not just watching whatever Nothing the broadcasters choose to shove at me, when they choose to shove it--I've got Nothing On Demand. I am Master of my own Nothing.

And that, my friends, is a little thing we like to call Progress.

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