Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday morning toons: Special "Too Big to Fail" edition

Funny--the dinosaurs were awfully big, but they still weren't "too big to fail." (And the same thing could be said for my laptop hard drive last week, unfortunately.) That's the thought for today as we get caught up with the tooniverse.

The news from Daryl Cagle's toon round-up is mostly gloomy, I'm afraid, although there's good news on the evolutionary front: Dinosaurs are disappearing and humans have rediscovered science.

p3 Picks of the Week: Daryl Cagle, Mike Keefe, Jeff Parker, Monty Wolverton, Jimmy Margulies, Dana Summers and Michael Ramirez.

p3 Observance of the End of the Dark Ages as depicted by Pat Bagley and Bob Englehart.

p3 macroeconomic tip: When people start referring to something as "too big to fail," it probably should have a long time ago. Props to R. J. Matson and Mike Lane.

p3 World Toon Review: Patrick Chapatte (Switzerland), and Stephane Peray (Thailand).

Ann Telnaes discovers the American economic entity that really is "too big to fail."

Guest toon: Tom Tomorrow unveils the GOP's 11-point plan for success. Points #2, #5, and #8 are special p3 favorites. Conservative ideology seems to be like a security blanket--it may be getting pretty worn-out and funky-smelling, but take it away and you're going to have to listen to the child cry all night.

Portland homeboy Jack Ohman all about the up-side of the post-Bush economy.

Speaking of "too big to fail," here's the classic segment from Disney's 1940 "Fantasia" depicting the genesis of life on earth and the rise and extinction of the dinosaurs, as set to Stravinski's "Rites of Spring."

Part 1:

Part 2:

(Some of you may remember the 1977 animated feature "Allegro non Troppo," directed by Bruno Bozzetto, a parody of--some say answer to--"Fantasia" which featured a somewhat different account of the procession of life on the planet, set to Ravel's "Bolero.")

p3 Bonus Toon: And turning to the "too big to fail" meme one last time for the week, Jesse Springer's latest toon is a good reminder that the dinosaurs might have eventually lost the evolutionary race because they got out-adapted (click to enlarge).

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