Friday, February 27, 2009

The things you miss if you don't stay right on top of it:

Last night at Drinking Liberally, the Finest Minds of Our GenerationTM had to fill me in on the story of the Republican mayor of Los Alamitos, somewhere in Orange County CA, who sent around to friends (friends?) an image of the White House with watermelons growing in front, captioned "No Easter Egg Hunt this year."

It's a good thing they brought me up to speed when they did, because last night's news has already been superceded: After issuing the standard denial ("Racist? You thought that was racist? Seriously? Because, you know, I just don't see it.") didn't work, the mayor in question has resigned.

This is a good start. Now if we can get embarrassments like this to start resigning when they have the thought, rather than after they've already acted on it, we'll start seeing some real progress in this country. Even in Orange County.

See? You can miss out on a lot if you don't go to DL.

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