Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday morning toons: Special "Here's That Rainy Day" edition

Perhaps it has to do with the arrival of Groundhog's Day this week, but it seems to me that the news was mostly about people looking with dread for omens about the future.

Like many Americans, Bob Geiger is devoting extra time to protecting his livelihood right now. We'll let you know when he shows up again.

Daryl Cagle, on the other hand, has apparently found a way to make all this turn into a paycheck, and has his round-up ready to go, same as always.

As in real life, bankers are coming out ahead in the toon world this week. In fact, we're going to let Cagle lead off this week's p3 Picks of the Week.

Other p3 picks include: R. J. Matson, Larry Wright, John Darkow, David Fitzsimmons, Scott Stantis, and Matt Davies.

The p3 Award for Best Adaptation from Another Medium goes to Gary Brookins.

The p3 Great Historical Truth in Ten Words or Less Award goes to Milt Priggee.

p3 World Toon Review: Christo Komarnitski (Bulgaria), Paresh Nath (India), Patrick Chappatte (Switzerland), Cameron Cardow (Canada),

Batocchio returns! Here's Right-Wing Cartoon Watch #34--reading them so you don't have to. The topics range from Iraq to Bush's departure and Obama's inauguration, to Congress and the economy, to Gitmo and Gaza, to Blagojevich and Caroline Kennedy, to the environment and abortion. As Batocchio advises, take it in small doses.

I've said before that my one regret about the end of the Bush administration would be the retiring of Ann Telnaes wicked and spot-on version of Dick Cheney. When will I learn--be careful what you wish for.

Guest toon: At Red Meat, folks are struggling for ideas on how to cope with current conditions, with mixed results at best.

Portland homeboy Jack Ohman salutes the flatliners. (And that toon was from January 30th--it got even worse in the following week, although how you can do worse than flatlining is something of a mystery.)

Wait--where did the moose come from? Crisp narrative logic isn't exactly what drives this 1941 Woody Woodpecker toon. Still, it's got cute animals, sight gags, violence with household utensils--the standard resume for work of the era. Woody's voice is done by Gracie Lantz, wife of producer Walter Lantz.

p3 Bonus Toon: Jesse Springer salutes the bad idea that keeps on giving. (Click to enlarge.)

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