Monday, February 23, 2009

The Sight

The interesting thing about the Senate Republicans is their uncanny ability to make medical diagnoses from remote distances, whether it's determining by videotape if someone is in a persistent vegetative state, or predicting via newspaper reports how long a cancer patient has to live.

And if you thought that the basis of Bill Frist's talent was his medical degree, you'd be wrong, since Jim Bunning's special gift is every bit as powerful as Frist's and he only used to play pro baseball.

So now we know why the GOP is so opposed to stem cell research, medical insurance coverage for all those expensive tests, and what-not: They know we really don't need it.

We only need Republicans with The Sight.


Chuck Butcher said...

God is their copilot...

Nothstine said...

I wonder if God and the GOP split fees the way doctors do?


Chuck Butcher said...

No cut for god