Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Return of the surfer

Somewhere out there today, UPS may have delivered life-saving serum to some widows and orphans, or a live kidney for a desperate recipient, but other than that, they probably didn't have a happier customer than me.

My parrot found the little rubbery-nubbin buttons on the old TV remote to be great fun as a chew toy. Eventually he had them nibbled down below the surface of the face plate, to the point that the only way I could operate the buttons was by poking at what was left of them with a chopstick. (The TV was about one notch above a doorstop without it--it only has buttons for power, channels, and volume. All the other features were gone without the remote.)

To celebrate the return of full-feature channel surfing to the p3 international headquarters, here's a simulation of the new remote in operation:

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