Sunday, February 15, 2009

And henceforth, "smallpox" shall be referred to as "happy dots"

From the p3 Lame Excuse for Political Euphemism Watch (LE PEW) desk come the following items:

Item: Family Research Council head Gary Bauer wants us to start calling his ilk "socially conservative evangelicals" instead of "the religious right." He's worried that the latter term may have become "synonymous with extremism."

Item: Blackwater, the private security contractors whose name has become synonymous with "beyond-the-law mercenaries," have taken the idea of corporate rebranding to remove toxic associations to its logical extreme, adopting a corporate name that means nothing at all: Their new corporate name is "Xe" (pronounced "zee").

According to LE PEW, additional changes to the conservative lexicon to be rolled out in the coming months will include the following:

Fiscally irresponsible will now be referred to as penny-wise.

Race- or gay-baiting will now be referred to as white-sheet preferential.

And corrupt Republicans will now be referred to as Republicans.

1 comment:

The Chinuk said...

Gotta love that Gary Bauer, ohyeah. The phrase "Relgious Right" may have been equated with extremeism? Either he's smokin' something or he's so LTTP that its embarrasing.

On the other hand, conservative Republican Christians are absolute black-belt masters of doublethink, so he probably really does believe the dung he's parading around as opinion. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry.

Big time credit for nailing the rest,though I've got to say, ever since Nixon I've had to restrain myself from thinking "corrupt" whentever I hear the word "Republican" in the news. It's been synonymous with me for a long time now.