Monday, January 5, 2009

Waiting on the Coleman/Franken recount: The penultimate chapter?

Here we go:

The Minnesota Supreme Court today rejected a bid by Norm Coleman in the disputed U.S. Senate election to consider counting hundreds of rejected absentee ballots from mostly Republican-leaning areas.

The court did not issue an opinion on Republican Coleman's claim that the ballots may have been wrongly rejected, saying he can press a court contest if he wants to prove his point.

The ruling this morning appears to clear the way for the State Canvassing Board this afternoon to certify results of the Senate election recount, presumably with Democrat Al Franken on top. Franken holds an unofficial 225-vote lead.

So now it's official.

Well, except for Coleman's anticipated strategy of can't-work sore-loser lawsuits. (Atrios is right.)

And except the filibuster to keep Franken from being seated, as promised by the partners in the New Bipartisanship [oops!]--by the Civil War Re-Enactment Guild [ahem; let's try it one more time]--by the Senate Republicans.

Yeah, other than fiddly details like that, it's pretty clear sailing ahead for ol' Smilin' Al. Good luck to him.

I don't have any more of those old Franken/SNL vignettes to share, so I'll just direct you to this. (It's got to be driving the TPM folks nuts--you spend day after day, month after month, providing all that muckraking and political analysis, and then your traffic numbers skyrocket because of a 25-year old clip of someone in tight pants.)

(Hat tip to Nick, one of the 83 gazillion email correspondents who forwarded the link to that clip to me in the last 24 hours.)

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