Sunday, January 18, 2009

Picture, if you will, an enormous block of cheese


Barack Obama plans to open his White House doors to the public on his first full day of his presidency, Jan. 21.

Obama aides on Friday announced plans to have an open house at his new home at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The idea is to keep Obama's administration the "most open and accessible" in history by inviting hundreds of supporters inside and encouraging them to stay involved.

(The linked-to AP story also includes a link to the application page if you're interested in attending the Open House.)

One imagines an insider's view of the event looking something like this:

I'm not satisfied with Obama on the all of the large things, but as small things go, I like moves like this, in part because (like Leo) I don't think that they're that small after all.

After 8 years of it being The Energy Industry's House, it's an important thing to be able to think of it As The People's House again.

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drware said...

My wife knows a Secret Service Agent who works at the Whitehouse. He was able to give us an after hour tour of the Whitehouse when Clinton was President. We just had to wait until the President was in his residence. We had to wait until almost midnight. Four years later we were unable to go on the same tour because the Bush Whitehouse had told the Secret Service they did not like having the public in the Whitehouse. The agent had a hard time even giving his family members tours.