Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Message to Senate Republicans: Welcome to our world

I've spent a lot of time here over the last four years waling on Senator Arlen "Don Altobelo" Specter for his determination to be both utterly spineless and a complete media whore at the same time.

Sadly, he's still around.

Happily, he's now the Senate Republicans' problem.

Hey, Senate Repubs--don't like being stabbed in the back in the most public yet pointless way imaginable?

Welcome to our world. You can deal with him for a while.


Chuck Butcher said...

You've hit that one out of the park, I've never seen so much roosterish strutting with an entire lack of balls beyond maybe BushCo "bring it on" type crap. Funny how the pants wetting brigade makes the toughest mouth noises.

Blue Cross said...

yaeh, agree with Chuck Butcher....