Thursday, January 1, 2009

Craig's List and the theory of the eternal fold-out couch

An item on Craig's List/Indianapolis, forwarded to me last night:

Curb Alert!!! Free Couch w/Foldout Bed No corpses! (Greenwood)
Reply to: [?]
Date: 2009-01-01, 10:04PM EST

Had to move out and, as it turns out, you cannot tape a heavy couch to a sedan vehicle. Ahh, the best laid plans of mice and men...

Anyway, the couch is orange and ugly as hell. But it is comfy! As far as I know, there are no freeloading parasites on it, but currently it has been sitting near the apartment complex dumpster for 45 mins (and counting). Foldout bed works fine. No apparent stains or anything. Uhh, there is one button cover missing from the upholstry, but I figured that wouldn't be a dealbreaker.

Location: 6512 Bridge Crossing Drive. Just at Banta and 31.

Btw, it's free. My teachers always taught me to say in the body of the paragraph what was stated in the title. Oh, and it's located on a curb.

Sorry there isn't more notice, but SOMEBODY assured me that "it would be easy" for us to mount the couch atop their car, so I didn't think dumping my one and only couch was in the scope. We didn't use duct tape, I bet THAT was where we went wrong. If you do pick it up, bring a truck or at least a vehicle with some apparatus designed for transporting heavy furniture.

Hope you have fun with (formerly) my couch, it was like a member of the family...that we occasionally farted on.

Actually, after re-reading it, I think I had that couch once, around 1977. Ugly brown fold-out couches are like Christmas fruitcakes--there are actually only about 10 of them in the entire world, they each last for 1000 years, and everyone just passes them around.

Good luck to the once and future owners of that couch.

(Tip of the paper New Year's Eve hat to Jessica.)

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