Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday morning toons: Special "Extinction" Edition

Bob Geiger's toon review works the Blag-O mess hard--as it deserves--and has some fun with the Detroit bail-out and Bush's "legacy" too.

Daryl Cagle's round-up covers a lot of the same territory. It's a good week.

p3 Picks of the Week: Pat Bagley, Monte Wolverton, Jimmy Margulies, Milt Priggee, David Horsey, and Jeff Darcy.

The p3 Award for Best Adaptation from Another Medium goes to Steve Breen.

The p3 Old Joke/New Setting award goes to Dick Locher.

p3 World Toon Review: Peter Broelman (Australia), Michael Kountouris (Greece), Paresh Nath (India), and Simanca Osmani (Brazil).

Ann Telnaes re-examines the extinction of the dinosaurs. (Thanks for making them available as embedded clips, Ann!)

Guest toon: I first ran across the work of Bobby London with his "Dirty Duck" strip featured in The National Lampoon in the 1970s. A decade later, he had the job of his dreams: He took over the Popeye strip created by Segar, the artist who'd had a profound influence on the young London. Sixteen years after that, he was fired from the strip by King Features Syndicate. Here's the story, along with some of the never-before-seen strips that triggered the whole thing. Funny what could get you canned back in the day.

Portland homeboy Jack Ohman shows the Big Three getting The Word from on high.

Before they were Tom and Jerry, the MGM cat and mouse were Jasper and Jinx in a one-shot 1940 single by Hanna and Barbera titled "Puss Gets the Boot." Tom, aka Jasper, looks a lot more cat-like (he's a Russian blue, in fact) than the anthropomorphized creature he gradually became over the next twenty years, and Jerry was named Jinx, although his name isn't mentioned in the toon.

(Your trivia dose: By the late 1950s, when Hanna-Barbera were cranking out Huckleberry Hound, the first of a string of syndicated photocopy miracles, they had recycled the images into two Jerry-ringer mice, Pixie and Dixie, and it was the Tom-looking cat who was named Mr. Jinks.

When "Puss Gets the Boot" got an Oscar nomination, plus good reviews from several MGM theater owners, the one-time cat-and-mouse duo got revived--and renamed. And when Cartoon Network reran "The Midnight Snack," the voice of the "Mammy" character was redubbed.

p3 Bonus Toon: How will Oregon beef up the state budget in these difficult times? Jesse Springer has the answer--unfortunately. (Click to enlarge.)

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