Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Waiting for the Franken-Coleman recount to start

While we're waiting for the Al Franken-Norm Coleman recount to get underway in Minnesota next week, here's a story from 1979--the first episode of Season 4 of Saturday Night Live, the night the musical guests were the Rolling Stones:

For their entry to the studio Saturday night, the Stones were led on an incredibly circuitous route that wound its way from Radio City Music Hall across the street through the tunnels beneath Rockefeller Center and up in a private elevator to the eighth floor of 30 Rock. Delsener's and NBC's security forces were augmented by a contingent from the New York City police; the tickets were printed with a special ultraviolet ink to thwart counterfeiters. All week people had been trying frantically to get tickets; one production assistant was offered $500 to sneak someone into the studio. An aide to Henry Kissinger phoned the 17th floor wanting tickets for Kissinger's son. Al Franken took the call to say that they would gladly have complied had it not been for Kissinger's role in the Christmas bombing of North Vietnam in 1971.

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Chuck Butcher said...

I'd vote for him just for that statement, alone. Well, theoretically anyhow...