Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Seven days left to register in Oregon

If you plan on voting in the general next month, you have to be registered by the 14th of this month. That means your registration has to be in the election office's hands by that date, not just postmarked.

To register to vote in Oregon, go here.

To double-check that you really are registered in Oregon, go here.

Seriously, take your pick: Our economy is going over a cliff, the Iraq war is still dragging on, any gains we made by invading Afghanistan are pretty much lost, a lot of people out there think we need to attack Iraq next, women's reproductive freedom hangs by one 72-year-old guy's swing vote, the cost of the worst health care system among industrialized nations is going up about 10% per year, banking and the news media are owned by fewer and fewer bigger and bigger corporations, and the government has given itself unprecedented powers to spy on you--or to contract out spying on you to private vendors.

If you care about any of those, and you don't vote next month because you didn't get around to getting registered in time, you're going to feel like a schmuck. And you should.

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