Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The funnier Palin

(Updated 10/16 with the complete clip--now including juicy Cleesian bits about Fox News, red-hot pokers and small animals, America's tolerance for rich people and intolerance for smart people, and the day America put our foot in it. Hat tip to Americablog.)

Not long after Sarah Palin emerged from tundra obscurity to take her dubious place on the national stage, I suggested that the GOP had picked the wrong Palin--that in fact Michael Palin, the Python, brought many more positives (and far fewer negatives) to the McCain ticket than the former mayor of Wasilla.

And now, no less an expert than fellow Python John Cleese claims that, of the two Palins, the governor is actually the funnier one:

John Cleese (part 2): Obama, Biden & Fox News

So perhaps we could offer a straight swap: The Pythons get Sarah Palin, and the Republicans get Michael Palin.

Doesn't seem like a fair trade to me, but it was Cleese who brought it up.

(H/t to the Daily Dish.)

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