Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Remember when it was Bill Gates' world, and we just lived in it?

From "The 800-pound Google," an article covering most of the front page of yesterday's Oregonian business section (including two color photos):

The dominance has enabled Google to rake in $48 billion from Internet ads since 2001. Google hasn't hoarded all of that money: the company has paid $15 billion in commissions to the Web sites that run its ads during the same period, helping to support major online destinations like AOL, Ask.com and MySpace as well as an array of bloggers.

"Google is the oxygen in this ecosystem," Battelle said.

From "Microsoft working to give Vista a brighter outlook," a much smaller article on the back page of the same section:

For more than a year, Veghte and his team have been developing ways to transform the experience of buying and using personal computers that run Microsoft software.

A corps of Microsoft engineers, for example, have been dispatched to tweak hardware and software to make Vista PCs faster and less crash-prone.

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