Saturday, August 9, 2008

The unforgiving minute

My thoughts on the Beijing Olympics:

1. Since I haven't been a big fan of the Olympics in a long time, watching it utterly compromise itself morally and politically simply to curry favor with China, the largest unsaturated consumer market remaining on the planet, hasn't been that upsetting to me.

2. At Drinking Liberally the other night, the finest minds of our generation TM were discussing the fact that, no matter what your fetish is, from perpetually prepubescent girls (gymnastics) to men in padded body suits and metal facemasks (fencing), the Olympics has something for you.

3. I stand by my belief that, if you need a judge to score it, it shouldn't be an Olympic event. True, that would exclude everyone's favorite, gymnastics, but it would let in contract bridge. Funny old world.

Minute's up.

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