Friday, August 1, 2008

The unforgiving minute

Remember the good old days, back when you'd read that Dick Cheney was getting hot to shoot some seals and at least you could still assume it was harp seals or Pacific harbor seals--not Navy SEALS?

There was a dozen ideas proffered [by administration officials meeting in Cheney's office] about how to trigger a war [with Iran]. The one that interested me the most was why don’t we build — we in our shipyard — build four or five boats that look like Iranian PT boats. Put Navy seals on them with a lot of arms. And next time one of our boats goes to the Straits of Hormuz, start a shoot-up.

Might cost some lives. And it was rejected because you can’t have Americans killing Americans. That’s the kind of — that’s the level of stuff we’re talking about. Provocation. But that was rejected.

"Might cost some lives."

Minute's up.

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