Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday morning toons: Special "Our Long National Nightmare Is Over" Edition

Yes, America can rest easy; Obama has announced his running mate. (Well, "rest easy" might not be the phrase I want . . . .)

Two a.m. yesterday was too late for most political cartoonists to work in Biden-themed cartoons in time for today, but there was plenty of time to poke fun at the long lead-up to the announcement, as well as how deftly Team Obama played the media (and how deftly Team McCain didn't). Let's start with Daryl Cagle's toon round-up, where the Veepstakes, Housegate, and the Olympics dominated coverage this week, with Pakistan and Georgia tying for a distant fourth.

p3 Picks of the Week: Nate Beeler, Mike Keefe, John Trever, David Fitzsimmons, Monte Wolverton, Walt Handlesman, and Rob Rogers.

A p3 Special Dispensation goes to Pat Bagley, who notes the scramble for the ultimate--and we do mean ultimate--political endorsement.

The p3 "Free Speech Ain't Free" Award goes to Steve Sack and John Cole.

The p3 Cordon Bleu Ribbon goes to Dana Summers, who celebrates one of our favorite people.

And speaking of the Veepstakes, here's a little blast from the past by Jerry Holbert, about one of the names that keeps getting floated as McCain's pick for running mate.

Ann Telnaes pays tribute to the forgotten soldiers in a forgotten war.

Opus cries out in anguish: Is there no refuge from the battle of red versus blue?

This week's animation, a 1945 Daffy Duck classic, goes out to John McCain, who may--or may not--want to reinstate the military draft if he's elected.

p3 Bonus Toon: Jesse Springer predicts that the "true crime" genre will make a comeback on our TV screens this fall. (Click to enlarge--although be warned: the effect could be disturbing.)

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